Our band of the week happen to be the type of cool kids you’d love to go interrailing with around Europe. This foursome would soundtrack any adventure with their youthful European electro-pop beats.  Mausi are the latest group to receive a significant amount of radio play, they blend together some beautiful English and Italian musical genes. We’re sure the latter explains the summery influences in their sound.

Mausi haven’t forgotten about the English weather, their fashionable Autumn Winter Collection mixtape offers a selection of tunes for the cold months ahead. We chatted to the gorgeous Mausi vocalist Daisy Finetto about music, style and the future of the band…………

When did Mausi form?


Well, Thomas and I met at birth, we are siblings, born and raised in Italy. We grew up in a musical environment, so when we ended up in the same city for uni it was only natural we join forces. Thomas started playing with Ben in his first year at uni, I joined in the year later and quite soon after we found Benji. So we have been playing together for a few years, as ‘Mausi’ for probably two years.


Where does the band name come from?
Mausi means small mouse in German, it’s a pet name boys give to their girlfriends, like saying darling or baby in English. We loved the word and the fact that it doesn’t mean anything in English so we could create an image and lifestyle around the name. We also wanted a word that encapsulated our European side; two of us being Italian and us drawing our musical influence from a lot of French musicians and producers, it seemed to fit the bill.

How would you describe your sound?


We describe our sound as the soundtrack to the life of a young European girl who’s nick name is Mausi. She is the daughter of a rich European Diplomat and is spending a summer jet setting around Europe going to house parties and driving along the riviera on a Vespa. Our music encapsulates her escapist summer.

 What would be your most ideal music venue to perform at?


At a festival, in a hot country, on a boat maybe? Somewhere we can get away with wearing sunglasses on stage. Where everyone just wants to have a great time.


How does your style and music go together?


Our style derives from imagery we love. We are constantly on the hunt, through fashion and photography blogs and up and coming directors, for anything that falls under the Mausi lifestyle: an extension of the international upbringing we were exposed to. But at the same time accessible to those who look at it and make them wish they were a part of it. This is where the international mix of the band has been so good. We can tap in to what people see and love about the escapist culture and give it to them.


We loved your music video for ‘Move,’ did you get involved in the art direction?


Move was filmed where Thomas and I grew up. We wanted something that was imagery based. Clean, simple and almost dream like. As if it was memories of a summer away and all you can remember is small details in the summer haze. We worked with some amazing directors, Mathy and Fran who managed to encapsulate just that.


What other artists/producers do you dream of collaborating with?


We would love to work with artists and producers who have inspired us to get to the sound we have now, such as Phoenix and Breakbot.



Half of Mausi are Italian, can we expect to hear some Italian lyrics in the future?



Oooo, good question! We have a couple of tracks that have some French lyrics in them, and a song title in Spanish. We are getting closer… I think it’s bound to happen at some point. Fo sho.

We want your album! When can we get it?
Sooooon! We are constantly writing and have so much music we want to show the world. We would love for an album to come out in the first part of next year really, it’s all there, we just need to put it all together and wait for the right time!
What have you got lined up for the rest of 2013?  

Lots of shows, lots of imagery… we just released a four track ep/mix tape called ‘Autumn/Winter Collection’, which is available for download for freeeee, that everybody should download! We will be getting ready for a new release early next year and just doing more of what we are doing now!



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