This song title might not be appropriate for the British heat-wave, so maybe turn up the air conditioning so you can fully relate to the lyrics. Honne are a a soulful electronic duo who’re in fact from Somerset and Wiltshire via Bow.

Singer Andy met producer James on their first day of University, where they immediately hit it off. Slowly they set about developing their sound and production skills, before a trip to Japan instilled the idea of Honne: a Japanese word for “True Feelings” with no Western equivalent, describing the contrast between what one really thinks, and what they project to others. It proved a perfect fit for songs which frequently address private passions, and their playing out in public.

Warm, sensual but full of groove, Honne’s first single, ‘Warm On A Cold Night’, feels inspired by the intricate productions of Frank Ocean, the smooth R&B of Inc., and more vocal-led, classic Soul artists such as Bill Withers. It’s a beguiling and romantic mix,  lyrically tracing the journey of two people running away together, and giving everything to one another. Further contributing to the night-time atmospherics, Honne wrote the song in the dark, in under two hours, and between jobs teaching music in schools (James would frequently write chord progressions whilst waiting for students to show up). The results are evocative and escapist, in stark contrast to Honne’s more DIY, homespun productions (the sample of the American DJ in the opener is in fact the pair’s housemate, who made him up).

These sexy, bluesy, crooner-like voices are reminiscent of our previous artist of the week – Nick Hakim’s track here is equally soothing.


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