Summer Cocktails are in order and STELLACELLO is a British liqueur company that takes inspiration from Italian recipes steeped in tradition and family heritage.

Founded by artisan alchemist Joe Stella, and established in East London’s Bethnal Green in 2012, the liqueurs have been created through persistent experimentation; combining herbs, fruits and spices to produce something truly unique.

Stellacello’s transition into the drinks industry has been an organic one; from simply tinkering with spirits in his spare time, Joe never had any intention to turn it into a business. However, when a good friend asked him to make a few bottles of the liqueur he was working on for the opening of their first restaurant (Eliza Flanagan of the Lardo Group), everything began to fall into place.  Three years on, Joe now feels very fortunate to be producing not one, but two Stellacello Liqueurs that have found homes in some of the best bars in London!
STELLACELLO POMPELMO LIQUEUR, the signature sip that started the ball rolling, is a distinctive and diverse grapefruit liqueur. A twist on the classic Italian Limoncello, Pompelmo Liqueur can be enjoyed neat as a citrusy aperitivo or digestivo, though it works equally as well being a classy cocktail component. Mixologists love the amber liquid; its sweet zesty aromas and subtle tartness scream versatility, making it the perfect ingredient to play with behind the bar.
In late 2014, a new addition to Stellacello Liqueurs was released; AMARO LONDON. Having been an Amaro lover for many years, Joe Stella initially commenced work on this Britannic bitter as a personal challenge to himself. His goal; to not just create something that he was extremely happy with, but to create a tipple that could sit proudly amongst his own collection of Italian Amari. After much recipe refinement, the first British Amaro was born.
AMARO LONDON is a bitter-sweet herbal liqueur with soft citrus overtones that accentuate the eclectic combination of locally sourced ingredients; herbs, fruits and spices. Served neat over ice as an after dinner drink is the best way to familiarise yourself with its flavour, though it’s ideal for making a rockin’ East End take on  the legendary cocktail, a Negroni. Cue ‘The Stellaroni’; a confident mix of gin, sweet vermouth and Amaro London.




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